David Koloski

Software engineer, game designer, and web developer.


Open-source Rust

I do a lot of open-source work on and in Rust. Some of the highlights:

Rust on Fuchsia

I'm currently working at Google on the Rust on Fuchsia team.

Unreleased Project (Robot Entertainment)

I worked at Robot Entertainment on a canceled project. I did most of my work on building a realtime, scalable dungeon generation system. The PGC algorithm was initially written in Rust, then C++. Both versions were integrated into UE4 so that artists and designers were able to interact with the system through the editor UI.

Orcs Must Die! 3

I worked on Orcs Must Die! 3 with a team of around six other programmers. Transitioning onto the team, I worked primarily on UI. As the project progressed and we worked more closely with Stadia's hardware, I took on the graphics engineering work needed to get UE4 up to par with Google's technical requirements. Along with the graphics engineering work, I also led the charge on a number of nasty bugs that came up along the way.

ReadySet Heroes

I worked on ReadySet Heroes and a DLC update that was released a few months after launch. Along with working on a wide variety of tasks over the life of the project, I owned the UI and graphics/optimization. This was my first experience as part of the core team on an Unreal project, and I learned the engine architecture and workflows.

Unreleased Project (Vicarious Visions)

I worked on an unreleased project at Vicarious Visions, with a focus on graphics engineering for mobile. Unfortunately I'm not sure what came of it.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

I helped Toys For Bob and Sanzaru Games finish the Reignited Trilogy during its final stretch. I was primarily tasked with implementing and maintaining a Spyro 3 minigame, and also helped out more generally fixing bugs and implementing features. I gained more experience using Unreal Engine 4 in a professional setting and got the opportunity to help close another project.

Angelo Ventresca Associates

I built a new website for Angelo Ventresca Associates from the ground up. The client wanted to move to a more modern design with a focus on ease of navigation and mobile compatibility. I worked closely with them to design the site, write the content, deploy the finished product, and update their index in relevant search engines.

Destiny 2

I worked on two main projects in the Destiny franchise. The first project managed integrating the Blizzard Launcher into Destiny 2 for the PC release. I worked with protobuf and helped write a lot of the networking code related to rich presence. Later, I worked on content creation tools in C# that integrated tightly into Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max. On this project, I was the platform owner for Maya and helped steer the development philosophy of the tool toward a strong MVVM architecture.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

I was one of four engineers to work on the N. Sane Trilogy from start to finish, and one of three gameplay engineers on the project. I gained experience working with Vicarious Visions's proprietary Alchemy game engine and worked in many diverse areas including audio, visual scripting, physics, input, and control feel. I gained expertise with the audio engine, and implemented support for multiple PS4 trophy packs as well as all trophies in the game.

Guitar Hero Live

I worked in collaboration with FreeStyleGames to bring iOS and apple device support to Guitar Hero Live. This was my first foray into professional game development, and I learned a lot about the basics of being a part of a team and engineering practices. I worked with a wide variety of apple devices and learned how to properly develop for them.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

I atttended RPI for three and a half years, earning Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Game and Simulation Arts and Sciences. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.99 GPA. During my time at RPI, I worked with the Rensselaer Center for Open Source (RCOS) and developed open source software over the summer of 2014.

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