A picture of me

Hi, I'm David

I'm a software engineer, game designer, and web developer.

Who I am

I grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania, then attended RPI as a Game Design and Computer Science dual major.

I'm currently working at Google as a software engineer. I previously worked at Robot Entertainment as a game programmer and Vicarious Visions as a software engineer.

What I believe

Engineering is the science of compromise

I believe that engineering is about finding the right path to take us from what we have to what we want. Too often we forget to invest in the future or to support what we've built. We have to find the right compromises for each situation, and it's not always about finding a middle ground. We must always strive to make decisions that meet the needs of everyone involved.

Design is human engineering

My passion lies at the intersection of engineering and design, and there's no better place to bring those two into contact than in game development. Translating the requirements of art and design into robust and efficient code is only one side of the equation. I believe that engineering should inform design decisions and close the loop to find better solutions to our hardest problems as quickly as possible.

We were always connected

Humans are social creatures, and we always have been. The internet is incredibly new, but it meets needs which are incredibly ancient. Web development is just the newest language of communication, and we're still learning how to speak it. At the same time, the internet is an incredibly powerful technology and can be used for good and evil. We have a responsibility to use it to better us all.

Contact me

You can reach me by email, follow me on mastodon, find me on github, or connect with me on LinkedIn.